Hi! I'm Katlin.

I love helping women discover their deeper purpose and awaken their unique spiritual gifts to have lasting breakthroughs in their life. 

Since igniting my intuitive and spiritual gifts, I've started teaching Christian and spiritual women how they can be use their spiritual gifts and be BRAVE enough to live courageously, stepping into their true callings. 


How I Can

Help You

Use coupon code: FORME through August 31 for $100 off session! One hour session helping pin point areas where you are holding stress, anxiety and fears. What you'll ge...
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What People are Saying

"I want to say how very thankful I am that my path crossed with Katlin Mulvaney! Four weeks ago, I was a frustrated person who had no control of what was going on in her life. Four weeks later, I almost don't know who this person is that is living my life. I'm confident again. I have control of my life again. I still have the same to do but now I dictate when I do them and not the other way around. I LOVE my 'me time'. I NEED my 'me time' ... I need me! I need me to be confident, capable, rested and kick ass to conquer this thing called life. My anxiety has dropped immensely -and while not perfect, I know how to better handle the situations that trigger those feelings. Katlin was the person I needed to unlock that last piece to get me there. I am so thankful for her and her kind, encouraging words and for simply understanding me. Katlin has such a gift to get to the heart of the matter by asking questions and making you feel comfortable to open up. Trust Katlin and trust the process. You will be better for it."