Discover and Unlock the Full Potential of Your Unique Spiritual Gifts in 30 Days

Imagine being able to leave the people-pleasing merry-go-round of overwhelm, burnout, toxic people and negative mindset.  When I was a marketing manager traveling 80 nights a year, I knew deep within my core of my spirit there was more whispering to me about my purpose; much more than the lush paycheck, bonuses, and elegant wine and dine events. I was seeking spiritual one-ness, wholeness, and meaning behind my life. I started on my own spiritual awakening journey and many breakthroughs, some of which I teach in this course.

Through this course, you will learn how to identify where you’re stuck, heal past toxic memories and relationships, learn how to become spiritually aligned, unlock your true spiritual gifts and ignite your potential for massive breakthroughs and changes ahead.

How To Discover Your Purpose


What's Included?

Empowering Starts Today Online

In this course, you're going to unlock the essential groundwork to identify where you're stuck and create toxic thoughts and patterns. You will learn daily practices to shift your old patterns and lead you on the path of living a spiritually centered and more abundant life.

Module One:

1.1 - Welcome 1.2 - I feel stuck and don’t really have it all together. Help! 1.3 - How to identify and Clear Old Beliefs and Thoughts 1.4 - How to Create New Mindset and Beliefs 1.5 - Affirmations

Module Two

2.1 - Who Are My Angels/Guided Voices? 2.2 - What Do Angels and Spiritual Gifts Have to do with Anything? 2.3 - How to Awaken New Passion and Your Soul’s Purpose?

Module Three

3.1 - What are Spiritual Gifts and Why Does This Fix Me From Getting Unstuck? 3.2 - How Does Society Limit Our Gifts? Are you Stifling Yourself? 3.3 - How to Stay in a Place of Spiritual Connectedness and Propell Change? 3.4 - 4 Steps to Living Aligned

Module Four

4.1 - How to Live the Spiritually Centered Creed? 4.2 - How to Celebrate Your Awareness and Self Love? 4.3 - How to Sustain Whole Body and Spiritual Health?

Take Their Word For It...

I am so thankful for Katlin and her kind, encouraging words and for simply understanding me. Katlin has such a gift to get to the heart of the matter by asking questions and making you feel comfortable to open up. Trust Katlin and trust the process. You will be better for it.

Katlin is truly a blessing! She is a great listener and helps you learn to deal with things in your life. While working closely with her, I have been able to relax and enjoy situations that would have caused me great anxiety in the past! Can't wait to see what else I can learn from Katlin.

Katlin is such an encourager and has pushed me to be the best I can be. She has taken my resume and cover letter to the next level! Katlin is so passionate and really wants you to achieve your goals and wants you to succeed! She really strives for you to Be The Change!

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I’m Katlin Mulvaney, the Founder and CEO of Be The Change Empower You, and the creator of this course. Just like you, I was stuck for nearly 2 decades in a cycle of negative thoughts and limiting behaviors. I had lived nearly my whole life listening to the opinions of others and not what my soul was whispering for me to do. 


I grew up on a cattle farm in Opelika, Alabama and was born with a heart to help others bloom. I knew from a very young age I had a calling on my life but decided to go the traditional path and climb Corporate America’s ladder for a while. While it looked like an amazing life with lush travel and bonuses on the outside, something was still not fitting. After taking a huge leap of faith and doing mission work in Kenya, Africa, I decided to devote my life to serving others and leaning into my true spiritual gifts. 


Having now coached hundreds of women through having personal spiritual healing, mindset shifts and breakthroughs in their life, I have found certain tools and techniques that help women restore their souls and regain their purpose. I love knowing my clients have a thirst in their soul for personal development and growth, and that they are forward thinkers who are ready to change their lives. 


I live in Phoenix, Arizona where it’s sunny and feels like paradise almost year-round. If I’m not hiking or playing with my Australian Shepherd, Mika, I’m mentoring and helping women awaken their souls.

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Clients receive so many breakthroughs within the premium mastermind session. If at any time you wish to upgrade for faster growth and results, you will get your money from lower package credited towards your premium mastermind class. (credit only valid if upgraded within 3 months of purchase date.)



What is it costing you every day not having a clear direction for your life?

The great part about this course is that it is a lot less expensive than visiting a therapist every week and not feeling like you’re getting as many breakthroughs as you like. This course is also delivered online, which means you will participate privately, at your own pace. Once you sign up, you’ll have access immediately to all the course lessons, meditations, bonus content, exclusive support group for graduates and much more!

How long does the course take to complete?

The basic, self paced package is designed to be completed within 6 weeks. The more comprehensive and private coaching packages are designed to be completed within 6-8 weeks.

What if I purchase and realize I need more accountability and mentorship?

Clients receive so many breakthroughs within the premium mastermind session, if at any time you feel called to have faster, more radical results, you will be credited back for the investment of any lower priced packages and the credit will go towards your premium breakthrough mastermind class. (credit only valid if upgraded within 3 months of purchase date.)

Do you offer retreats?

Yes, I love bringing in a select few women who are yearning for more community, spiritual alignment, restoration and fulfillment. I keep this a small group to have more focused breakthroughs within each attendees life. I host an annual retreat and is called “Love Your Soul Retreat.” If you are interested in more information or saving a VIP seat, please email my team to visit about pricing and availability.

Your soul is whispering...are you listening? Six months from now looking yourself in the mirror and seeing a reflection of a stagnant, empty, zapped woman is not breaking the cycle. Sign up now and I look forward to seeing you soon.