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Have You Ever Been Cut Out By a Best Friend?

Growing up showing #cattle in #4H most of my friends were #agriculture #farm kids or involved in the cattle industry. Looking back over the past decade of my life I have had hundreds of friends across the United States who have been a part of my career and personal life journey. People who have radically impacted my life; each in a special and unique way, but the most impactful and unique story is always written in the heart by a best friend.

Someone once told me, "if you reach your 30s and still have 5 close REAL, authentic friends, you are an old soul. An old soul always has a big mark on the world to make." At the time I didn't believe the words of wisdom, but now it rings truer than anything I've ever watched or read about friendships.

I've watched this circle of 5 REAL friends evolve and change over the years. The circle of 5 has changed, but remain to be people who always make me want to leave a brighter, happier mark on the world and 110% supportive. I've cried by some leaving and cried by having to make the decision to be intentional in other friendships who were going to make me the best version of myself.

Who's in your circle of 5 influence? Are they making you a happier, more joy-filled version of you?

Ok, so let's get real here: have you ever been unfriended? This sounds so grade school, doesn't it? So immature. But, gosh, being unfriend hurts no matter what age you are. I remember the moment, the month, the exact year my best friend of 12 years decided to take a slice to my soul. Now knowing what I know about heaven and soul agreements, she simply had a soul agreement with me in heaven to awaken my very core of my soul to stop playing small in my life and truly become the brightest, world changer for others. To become who I was destined to become since birth, but I had forgotten.

This unfriending of a best friend kind of soul hurt sure wasn't easy dealing with. It took a year of counseling and a lot of spiritual healing.

Have you lied awake crying for a couple weeks grieving the loss of a friend? However, I think grieving a loss of a friend who is still living and you could call at any moment like old times, yet, know they wouldn't answer, is harder than grieving the loss of a friend you know passed and went to heaven.

Have you not eaten normally for weeks because your mind questions how people who loved you can treat you this way?

Have you been nauseated in the pit of your stomach hearing about them or saying their name?

These soul wounds take years to heal, and even then the wounds still are awakened by a picture or memory from where this person once held a large space in your heart.

When I look back at my life over the season of being hurt and unfriended, yes, my soul ached for a solid year, but I chose not to stay in that negative dark place. Through months of focusing on my spiritual health and healing my soul with spiritual coaches, I began to see the beauty in the friend I once knew. I still smile at the things we did together, and the way we were. I will always love her. The pain caused actually was the driving factor that made me start my own businesses and rise to become the true lightworker I was destined to become. I was sent here for a purpose to help, teach and love others unconditionally as they heal in their own journeys. I needed this short term friendship loss to awaken me to more.

If you have experienced a similar wounded soul through a friendship unfriending, I see you.

I see you faking being ok.

I see you feeling numb and bla.

I see you blaming yourself.

I see you depressed.

I see you hiding.

Your heart and soul have a purpose from this.

I am here for you and know the spiritual healing you are yearning to experience. Clients who have booked sessions with me to find spiritual healing always walk away renewed and restored.

Lastly, to my radiant circle of 5 who continue to challenge me into my true calling and purpose:

Thank you for being there for me when nobody else was.

Thank you for helping me break out of my shell.

Thank you for being Earth Angels and light in this dark world.

Who are your 5 most influential friends making you a better person? Does the group need to be weeded down or grown in a new direction?

Not because any of them are truly mean or actually bad people, but because your soul, your best version of yourself yearns and needs a deeper, more enriched soul nourishment.

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