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How to drink 3 liters of water and work full-time

I'm not your average skinny girl who wears skinny jeans. More specifically, I'm not your average girl. I'm country through and through and use y'all like it's a noun. Gosh, I love shopping and looking at cute boutique clothes and dream one day I'll have that size 2-4 body, but let's be real #tacotuesday isn't going any where, so for now I'm going to love my curves and find joy in my new favorite beverage. Water.

Wait, water?

Yes, water.

I don't know if it's just me, but water has never been my go-to drink. I've always chosen flavored water, Diet Coke, coffee or ok, ANYTHING other than plain old water, but recently I've been challenging myself to drink 3 liters of water a day and drinking it out of a mason jar or Yeti makes it taste 100% better. (I'm making that up, it doesn't, but at least I like to look at it now, where before I might be lucky to drink 30 oz. of water a day.)

Where's all my career women or women juggling full-time in-home businesses and lives?

Cheers a sip of water to each of you for showing up everyday; tired, worn down, exhausted and drained, and still choosing to keep going because you want a better life for yourself.

Juggling a full-time career and life is stressful (hello! Stress doesn't do pretty things to my body.) When I decided to start my own businesses and continue to teach 1st grade, I sacrificed a lot of my time that I used to focus on working out and staying healthy. Even back when I had a "normal schedule," it was challenging for me to drink water, and I still didn't really like the taste.

Why drink water?

Benefits Of Water:

  • Increases Energy & Metabolism which promotes weight loss

  • Helps Build & repair muscles which aids in toning

  • Amazing for your skin and keeps you looking refreshed/young

  • Boosts your immune system while flushing toxins

  • Helps alleviate joint aches and pains

  • Maintains the pH balance of your body

  • Promotes regularity and helps digestion which can help catapult weight loss into second gear

How To Drink 3 Liters Of Water A Day With A Full Time Job:

Morning Time 6-8 a.m.: When I wake up I always empty my bladder (TMI, I know, but seriously we all do it) and I then go on with my morning routine with downing 2 8-oz cups of water before I even get my day started. Before my first call or class arrives at 8 a.m. I drink another 2 8-oz cups. PS: Go to the bathroom before. It will hit you in about 20 minutes and you will wish you had :)

Mid-Morning 9:30-11 a.m.: I head to the bathroom before my next task or when I am teaching, I go when the kids are at Integrated Arts (can’t leave the kiddies alone in the classroom during a lesson). My next available break or coaching call might not be until 11, so I grab a quick mid-morning protein snack and drink another 2 8-oz cups of water.

Goal mid morning: 2+2+2=6 cups

Break: By 11am I have 6+ cups (48 oz) ingested. I immediately head to the bathroom during my lunch break to get rid of whatever is left of the initial morning water challenge. While eating lunch from 11-12 I drink approximately another 2 8-oz cups of water with my meal. This brings me past my two liter mark to 64 oz (1 liter = 32oz). Use the restroom before you get back to your afternoon meetings or pick up the kids for the afternoon. My next break usually isn’t until 2:30 pm depending on the day. During the last half of my day at work I finish up another 1 cup in my 32 oz Yeti. Here is the one I prefer, because it's turquoise and it makes water taste better (pretty water is better). 

Arrival At Home: Despite using the bathroom before leaving work, and not drinking any water on my way home, I ALWAYS have to go once I step in the door. I usually get home around 4pm, and my regular schedule usually calls for walking my dog a mile, and a 30min-1 hour workout for myself. Before I head out for the walk with my dog I drink 1 8-oz glass of water. I also refill my Mason jar for the last 3 cups (the glass Mason jars have cup lines that measure it for you, which I love because I just fill it to the 3 cup mark and start drinking). During the workout I drink water progressively to stay hydrated. By the time the workout is over I’ve had about half of the Mason jar gone.

Right Before Bed: After I’ve showered, eaten dinner and prepared for bed I have about 1 cup of water to go in my Mason jar. Don’t drink too much water right before bed, because you will be up all night, so I always make sure I have it finished by 7 p.m.

Goal by 7 p.m.: 13 cups (104 oz/32 oz=3.25 liters!)

YOU MADE it on your first day of the 3 liter water challenge. See that wasn't too bad, was it? Snag a 32 oz bottle that fits into your car cup holder nicely and keep water with you throughout the day!

I continue to lose weight each month by upping my water challenge and exercise routines. This country girl with curves is gunna have the best body she can have thanks to water and pretty Yeti cups and Mason jars.

Would love to hear your tips on drinking water in your busy life. How are you fitting water into your daily routine?

Cheers to healthier living and taking daily sips to being the change the world needs.

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